U Got This! Sexual Violence Prevention Program

The goal

The goal of this educational program is to build a culture of inclusive excellence.  Inclusion is one of S&T’s core values.  We are committed to promoting a safe living and learning environment for everyone.  That is why this training is so important.  

This program uses true-to-life situations and language that will test your knowledge using real-world situations.  The program is designed to help you identify actions and behaviors that have no place in our Miner Community.  The program will highlight the nondiscrimination policies for the University of Missouri.  Additionally, resources are promoted for those that have experienced discrimination available on and off campus. 

All new students to the University of Missouri are directed to complete the sexual violence prevention program as required by Federal law.  The prevention education program called “U Got This!” is hosted at all four University of Missouri campuses.  U Got This! Is an engaging conversation about: 

  • bystander intervention 
  • consent 
  • healthy relationships
  • sexual harassment
  • sexual assault
  • dating and domestic violence
  • stalking and more

Questions or concerns, contact the Office of Equity and Title IX at equity@mst.edu. 

To access the U Got This! educational program specifically designed for you based on your student status on campus, select from the two options below (Undergraduate or Graduate). You will be taken to the University’s training partner’s website, Catharsis Productions.  You will need to log in with your University user name and password to begin the program.   

When completed, you will receive confirmation of completion to your University email.  A record of completion will also be shared with the Office of the Registrar and the Office of Equity and Title IX.  Registrar holds on your student account with Joe’SS will automatically be removed within 3 – 5 business days after program completion. 




Students sitting together

Select this module of you are registered with the University as an undergraduate student.  To get started select the U Got This! icon below. 

U Got This! for Undergraduate Students


Select this module of you are registered with the University as an graduate student.  To get started select the U Got This 2! icon below.

U Got This 2! for Graduate Students