The Office of Equity and Title IX is the first stop for any report of discrimination or harassment within our Miner community.  Our mission is to foster a collaborative environment among the campus community furthering equity and facilitating diversity by assuring Missouri S&T’s compliance with University of Missouri System policies and procedures, and state and federal statutes and regulation, in the area of Title IX, civil right, and equal opportunity. 

Missouri S&T is committed to promoting a safe living and learning environment for everyone.  Our team is available to listen to your concerns, help you access your rights and options, and connect you with supportive resources.  We understand that the nature of the concerns reported are often very personal.  Our office takes an educational approach, seeking to stop, prevent, and help remedy the effects of discrimination.  We welcome anyone that believes they have experienced discrimination or harassment as part of the campus community to stop by our office, call, or arrange a virtual meeting to discuss the concerning behavior.